Ron Kanutski - With Care Consulting, Thunder Bay, Ontario, CA

Bill and Ron have presented many programs to youth and adults and have worked together at museums, community centers and healthcare facilities. Ron is more than a friend; he is a source of support, wisdom and encouragement.

Rev. Michelle Oberwise Lacock - United Methodist Church Native American Ministry of Presence, Northern Conference

Bill has been an active participant in this program, as a musician and cultural presenter, as a representative at many gatherings and an advisor on various projects. Rev. Michelle and the Ministry Of Presence have provided countless opportunities for Bill to play Native flute for the interfaith community and to work with other cultural organizations.

Kathy Casstevens - Director of Marketing, Starved Rock Lodge, IL

Kathy Casstevens' photographs are used on this web site. Kathy Casstevens is the Director of Marketing at Starved Rock Lodge, Illinois, where Bill has frequently played Native flute and piano. Bill is grateful to Kathy for her friendship and skilled photography.

Lynn and Tom Anderson - Color Dance Design

Lynn and Tom Anderson designed and hosted the website.

Native Flute Bill Buchholtz

Bill Buchholtz

Playing from Spirit
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